Automatic Coverages


Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability Coverage

This third party coverage comes standard with our basic coverage and protects you if you cause an accident. We’ll cover items such as the injured party’s medical bills and damage to his/her property as a result. Your policy will also cover legal fees if you are sued as a result of your automobile accident. It's all when you are not at fault, and here we'll get above coverage for you as it's come by default in automatic coverage.


Covers medical care if you are not at fault

Coverage comes standard with our basic coverage and protects you if you are in an accident caused by another driver who has no insurance or not enough insurance. We’ll pay for medical expenses and lost wages that would otherwise be recoverable under another insurance policy.

Optional Coverages


Covers damage to your vehicle if you are not at fault

An optional coverage, UMPD protects you if you are in an accident caused by another driver who has no insurance. We’ll pay to repair your vehicle, after your deductible.


Covers you for post-accident medical expenses

An optional coverage, medical payments will pay for medical expenses incurred by you or your passengers after meeting an accident on your vehicle. Let handle us the rest of the things, and you take rest as we'll pay for your expenses.


Covers you for post-accident repairs to your vehicle

An optional coverage, collision pays for repairs to your vehicle as a result of an accident, regardless of fault. Your car is insured, and we are here to make sure taht. We will pay up to the limit of insurance, less your deductible. You'll be paid according to the limits of your insurance ASAP.


Covers you for repairs for damages other than collision

An optional coverage, comprehensive pays for repairs to your vehicle for damage caused by something other than a collision, such as fire, hail or vandalism. Comprehensive will also cover theft. We will pay up to the limit of insurance, less your deductible.


Covers you for rental costs while your vehicle is being repaired

An optional coverage, rental reimbursement protects you by providing reimbursement of rental car costs incurred while your vehicle is being repaired as a result of a collision or comprehensive loss.

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Insurance, by definition, is a contract between you and the insurance company. The contract stipulates that as long as you pay the premium, the insurance company agrees to pay for your covered losses if you experience an accident, theft, or vandalism, or your car is damaged by certain causes. The amount you receive in compensation is based on several factors, including your deductible and the limit you choose for your policy. Tell us what you're looking for and we'll recommend the best coverage for you.

Auto insurance helps you to recover from damage, injuries, and expenses related to a collision or other incident. It is not designed for you to come out ahead financially, but it is designed to keep you from suffering major financial hardship due to an accident, whether it’s your fault or not. Auto insurance is about risk transfer. If you don’t have insurance, the financial risk is on you in the event of an accident. Buying auto insurance mitigates some of that risk. For the cost of your premium, the insurance company will take on much of that risk for you.

When you get behind the wheel, you take a risk. You may attempt to be the best possible driver, but you also have to trust that everyone else on the road is driving well and paying attention too. Auto insurance provides a safety net when drivers make mistakes. In the event of an accident, you are at risk financially. If the accident is not your fault, and the other driver does not have adequate insurance, you have to pay for all damages to your own car plus pay for any medical bills if you are badly injured. When you are at fault, you are typically liable for damage to the other person’s vehicle as well as the medical costs of injured victims. Additionally, you must cover the repairs to your own vehicle and the costs of legal fees if you are sued. All of your assets are at risk if you are uninsured or underinsured.